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Kerstin Glaess has been professional in the entertainment industry since 2014. 


She is drawn to creative producing and writing science fiction, period pieces, and documentaries that explore the perspectives and experiences of marginalized voices and the shared human experience. Her recent works tackle intersectional feminism, familial cultural expectations, and mental health awareness. Her short films have been featured at festivals across North America, Europe, and China. 

Kerstin Glaess was born to a Texan and Californian on Whiteman AFB in Missouri during an early October snowstorm. Growing up a military child, she traveled around the world until her teens when her family settled in Northwest Florida. These early wanderlust experiences helped shape her life and artistic thought-processes. Kerstin's childhood centered around creativity: her mother taught her to draw, sew, and paint, her father taught her photography, and together they encouraged her to ferociously explore the arts in all its forms. Kerstin dabbled with areas in the visual arts, performance, and entertainment arts over her formative years, including photography, claymation videography, stop-motion, school television production, and theatre. Kerstin when she was age 15 when she became more interested in aesthetics over performance arts. 

During her undergraduate years, Glaess assisted in creating videos for her Alma Mater's Americorps Program, wrote, produced, and acted in multiple film majors' class exercises, and volunteered extensively with the Oxford Film Festival. In her last two semester's of school she started taking film theory and production classes. The summer after she graduated she co-wrote and executive produced an independent feature in Mississippi called Yalobusha. She used her limited filmmaking skills to create short videos for her students while she taught English in the Mississippi Delta. She moved to New York to pursue film production in what she considered the epicenter of US independent filmmaking. She intended to learn the ins-and-outs of the biz so she could increase the professionalism in her own content. She is currently developing a children's art instruction web-series.

Glaess has a BA in English and Psychology, and received her MFA in Cinema Arts in New York. She received the Provost Award in Producing her thesis year. 

You can learn about her original filmmaking work , collaborations, and partnerships at

IMDB lists additional productions she has also been involved with. 

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